Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Conforming to the essence of Taijiquan

It is easy for beginners of Taijiquan to exhibit two extremes: one extreme is to be stiff and inflexible, the other extreme is to be flaccid and weak. Neither of those conform to the essence of Taijiquan, in that movement and form are "light but not floating", "heavy but not stiff", fulfilling the underlying Taijiquan principle of duality, of equal display of softness and hardness; expounding the popular Taijiquan adage "mutual manifestation of pliant softness and heavy strength".
Taijiquan cannot be achieved through envy or subterfuge. It takes its natural course, following the gradual order of Yin-Yang changes and the philosophy of the ”middle path". The small dao enables a healthy body; the medium dao enables self-defence capabilities; the high dao disciplines the temperament and cultivates the moral character.

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  1. The more I learn more I understand the natural path you have to take. The path seems to be different for everyone and with the right attitude makes the journey all the more wonderful.