Saturday, 10 June 2017

Following the nature of water...

The highest virtue is to be like water (the big dao of Taiji).

Laozi stated:

 "The highest virtue is like water, benefitting all things, contending with none, and is content with what others disdain. It is therefore closest to the dao"

 Water possesses these virtues:

It flows unceasingly and benefits all living things; therefore it is virtuous.
Always flowing downwards, whatever its shape it is formed without going against the rule of nature; therefore it is righteous.
It is vast and has no limits; therefore it has dao.
It travels without fear into challenging terrains; therefore it is courageous.
It remains level and settled wherever it lies; therefore it is constant.
It is as you see it, with neither embellishment nor detraction; therefore it has integrity.
There is no opening it does not enter; therefore it is perceptive.
It finds its way to its destination; therefore it is tenacious.
It adapts and adjusts continuously according to its situation and environment; therefore it has changeability.

These are the characteristics of water, seemingly harmless but has the potential for great damage; seemingly weak but latently powerful.
It is an ally to everyone, and yields unnoticeable benefits on everything around it. It is a formidable foe, and destroys everything in its path.

This is the nature of water. People who study the internal martial arts need to understand the big dao...

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