Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Taijiquan is a complete system

Taijiquan is a complete theoretical and operational system that is unique and effective. It has two objectives: Reforming the usual way of thinking about your body; Replacing it with the Taiji body criterion - to transform the quality of the body, to free the body of stiffness and rigidity, to discard physical strength, to stabilise the root, to become soft and pliant.
From the outset establish the "taiji modus operandi": train from the standpoint of the 'eight methods...
and five steps' - the thirteen potentials of Taijiquan. Simultaneously pay attention to and coordinate movements of the left and right, top and bottom, front and back etc. At all times illustrate the co-existence of yin/yang, five elements and eight trigrams, which are constantly moving and changing.
Have a general understanding of the many facets of Taijiquan, first from wide knowledge then to specific learning. This way we will not lose our direction and succumb to misconceptions. There are many principles to help us understand the theory, as long as we follow the right principle and method.

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